• salut! çava? je suis journaliste française :) hehe je m'appelle Paulina :) j'aime le techno et hip-hop et dj korsakoff et toi et Alexisss :*

  • Thx Esteban ... mdr mdr mdr :D
    Merry Christmas ... jtm jtm jtm

  • merry christmas and happy new year :) merci bocoup :)

  • http://nasza-klasa.pl/profile/2282754/gallery/25

  • hi Esteban :) nice photos in your blog:)
    You must tell Alexis and Remi that I and Aga miss and jtm :) and We miss and jtm you :)
    and you (Esteban and Alexis and Remi ) drive to the Poland :) to the disco :)-Heaven (Leszno).
    www.clubheaven.pl - disco :) and you must click Leszno and next you must click download and nest you must click dj wajs in da mix-heaven leszno 18-10-08 :) this is music when we were in the club Heaven :) jtm :*